Things To Do In And Around Xcalak, Mexico

Things To Do In Xcalak

There are many things to do in Xcalak on days you aren’t, or even days you are fishing.

Things To Do

  • Beach Combing
  • Snorkel or Scuba
  • Fishing – Fly or Spin
  • Boat trip to San Pedro Belize
  • Tour of the Xcalak pueblo
  • Take a drive up the beach road
  • Walk out on the town dock. Very cool, very high up, you’ll see a lot of fish and get a great view of the reef.
  • Kayak (Most lodging offer kayaks with your room)
  • Rent Nataly’s Scooters and take a drive around town and up the beach road
  • Get a massage
  • Visit the local fisherman’s cooperative.  Buy some fresh lobster or fish to cook at your lodging
  • Take a drive to Mahahual
  • Contact Toucan Tours and go visit some local ruins!
  • Relax
  • Have breakfast, lunch, and drinks at the bar.
  • Do nothing, simple as that. When is the last time you truly did nothing, and enjoyed it. “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

See The Sights

  • Bridge to town lagoon
  • Town Dock
  • Port Captains office
  • Local Restaurants
  • Artisans Gallery
  • National Park Office
  • Laundromat
  • Water Plant
  • Future Ice Plant

Snorkel Or Scuba

Bring your own gear or rent some at the world class dive-shop, XTC Dive Center

Get A Massage

Nataly Marchand has relocated to Xcalak after years serving the Cirque de Soleil team as one of their massage therapists.  She is very busy giving world class massages in and around town and even coming to your place of lodging.  Rates are $70 for an hour & $100 for an hour and a half!  It could possibly be the best massage you have every had.  Not to miss!  Contact her directly to make a reservation –

Rent A Scooter

Nataly recently purchase two new scooters and is offering them for rent on an full and half day basis. Did you come to Xcalak on a shuttle, maybe you just want to go up and down the beach road at a quicker pace than in your rental car.  This is the way to do it!  Seeing Xcalak on this mode of transportation is a truly local way to see things.

Buy A Skimboard Or Unique Local Fishing Gift

Local gringo, Dylan Whitmarsh, has brought his skills down to Xcalak and is currently making Skim Boards for sale.  He also would like to start making mementos for fishing clients wishing to commemorate their catches on a smaller board with your catch, the date, your name, the guide and the fly!  Drop Dylan a line and he’ll stop by your lodging to see what you he can put together!

Contact Dylan at –

Visit The Town Dock

Its always a great little walk going out on the town dock.  See what the locals have in their buckets, see whats swimming by the pier.  Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit are all regular daily visitors to the town dock too, bring a rod!

Visit The National Park Office

Here you will find loads of great information on the Xcalak Recifes National Park.  Ask for Leo, he would be more than happy to communicate mucho information on the area and the park.  Pictures, artifacts and shells are all around for your inspection.

Visit The Fisherman’s Co-Op

Xcalak has its very own fisherman cooperative that works with all of the local fisherman helping bring their catch to market.  Stop in to buy some fresh lobster, grouper or snapper to cook at your local lodging!

Bird Watching

Xcalak and the Yucatan are a bird watchers paradise.  Take a walk up the beach, ride a bike or take your car to the back Bay or simply sit on your balcony and see what flies by.  You can also arrange a bird watching trip over to Bird Island and neighboring mangrove areas where one would hope to encounter multiple bird species.

Yucatan Birds Links 

Contact Toucan Tours And Go Visit Local Ruin Chacchoben

Toucan tours based out of Mahahual 60 KM to the north) offers guided tours of a few nearby local ruins.

Go To The Artisans Gallery For Unique Souvenirs Or Visit One Of The Local Mercado’s

Spend some time searching out the many different Mini Supers that lie around the town.  Some have fresh fruits and vegetables, others have a selection of meats, most have breads.  You might find your new favorite snack or meal!

Ride A Bike

Most lodging will give you access to a beach cruiser to get you out in to town and up and down the beach road.

Go Kayaking

Most lodgings will give you access to one or multiple kayaks to get you out on the water.

Beach Combing

There are miles and miles of beaches that haven’t seen footsteps in years.  Spend your day slowly walking up the coastline inspecting what lies at your feet.  Driving up North will get you access to beaches that haven’t seen foot steps in years.  You will receive a bit of an education with the amount of plastics you encounter on some of your walks. Many rocks and corals adorn the shores.

Its recommended to keep a rod handy!

Food Trucks

Five days a week trucks depart from neighboring cities to sell food up and down the beach road of Xcalak.  You never know what you ay encounter from papayas, mangoes, avocados, onions, tomatoes, meat & poultry & seafood to live chickens!

Visit Xcalak During Semana Santa/Easter

During this week their is typically a small carnival in town with a few attraction and games.  The restaurants are all open and many people have come to town to enjoy the beach areas.  Most all restaurants are doing some kind of special and plan on staying open late to accommodate all of the tourism.

Visit During Xcalaks’ Annual Anniversary Celebration

This is a truly great time to be in Xcalak.  The party starts on Friday night and carries over till Sunday afternoon.  The peak of the festival happens on Saturday with a large soccer tournament featuring teams from Mexico and Belize.  Their is a large concert Saturday night, many different food vendors have come to town and a large flea market that sets up with some great deals on authentic clothing.

Hang With The Locals

You’ll be blown away by the hospitality and open arms approach. You came all the way to Mexico, be sure to hang out with some Mexicans!

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