Meet Our Salt Water Fly-Fishing Guides

Our Saltwater Fly-Fishing Guides of the Yucatan Peninsula

With a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Chetumal Bay, we feel employing the absolute finest local guides will ensure an exquisite adventure. We are proud to employ Xcalak’s local independent guides, allowing our lodge to make an overwhelming financial impact on the community and town.

Our Fly Fishing Guides


Nickname: Pio

Pio is seen by many who come here as one of the best fly fishing guides in the Yucatan. He and his brother Ruben make for an incredibly skilled and dynamic team for hunting all species of the flats. Never bet against Pio to come to the dock without a permit regardless of the conditions.

Our Fly Fishing Guides
Our Fly Fishing Guides


Nickname: Balbino

Alejandro is one of the most experienced guides on our roster and still very much in his prime as a boatsman and guide. His son Tommy is also one of the most revered “ayudantes” or assistant guides on the roster. They both have fantastic eyes and are very patient. Alejandro is also known as one of the best English speaking guides on the roster.


Nickname: Chucho

Chucho is know by all guides to be one of the best boatsman in all of the Yucatan. He is a silent assassin with his panga and with his calm demeanor is Mr. Dependable. Spending his entire life on the ocean there isn’t a flat in Xcalak that he doesn’t know like the back of his hand. His assistant guide Adriel is fluent in English and has deadly eyes.

Our Fly Fishing Guides
Our Fly Fishing Guides

Nato (Nah-Toe)

Nickname: Don Nato

The legend of Nato is known by many. Growing up on a mangrove island in the bay until his adolescence there is no one who understands our waters quite like him. Nato is far and away the most experienced guide in Xcalak. He is responsible for training almost every great guide in the area. The “Tom Brady” of the guiding scene, he always seems to have another year!


Julio has been on the water guiding fly fisherman for well over a decade and he’s only 32. Strong, competent, and with fantastic eyes, Julio is constantly in the conversation for one of the most dangerous guides on the flats. Known for being one of the first off the dock!

Our Fly Fishing Guides
Our Fly Fishing Guides


Nickname: Easy E

Erik, although our newest addition to the guide roster (3 years), is gaining  A LOT of notoriety very quickly among our Permit hungry anglers. He’s fluent English and has a natural intuition as a fly fishing guide that is apparent. The star of International Fly Fishing Film festival’s, “Of the Sea” Erik showcases his abilities to chase all flats species successfully calling on his experience of being raised on the water.


Nickname: Kissy

Kissy is by far our most energetic and enthusiastic guide. His energy never seems to run thin no matter how many days on the water in row he is guiding. His laugh can be heard all the way in restaurant once he has reached the dock. His English is great, and his passion for fly fishing is simply undeniable. It is very common for kissy to stay on the water well after an 8 hour a day to close a grand slam.

Our Fly Fishing Guides
Our Fly Fishing Guides

Our Fish page has some of the most popular species of fish we fly fish for here in the Yucatan. Don’t miss our Photo Gallery for images of saltwater fly fishing in Xcalak, Mexico here in the Yucatan. Sign up for our Newsletter to get updates on our lodge, fly fishing and specials.