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Meet Our Salt Water Fly-Fishing Guides

Our Saltwater Fly-Fishing Guides of the Yucatan Peninsula

With a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Chetumal Bay, we feel employing the absolute finest local guides will ensure an exquisite adventure. We are proud to employ Xcalak’s local independent guides, allowing our lodge to make an overwhelming financial impact on the community and town.

Our Fly Fishing Guides


Alejandro, our versatile guide of Xcalak, is a sincerely patient instructor, who is happy share his knowledge of the expansive flats. He is one of the finest guides we have to offer for all species with a high amount of success in chasing permit.


Andreas, Victor’s son, who devotedly carries on the family tradition and does not fall short of his father’s knowledge. Andreas is just as exuberant as his clients on their achievements and just as his father is, he is an excellent guide of crevice in the flats.


Chucho excels in great control when poling his boat and equally efficient in his poling skills. Much like his fellow guides, Chucho is fluent in the waters of Chetumal Bay as he has fished in these waters for over 18 years.


Evaristo has an impeccable eye and intuition in stalking permit. He has a supreme skill for poling the boat with precision and known by the clients as “the permit whisperer.” Evaristo has celebrated over 20 years as a guide for Xcalak fishermen.


Felipe has served as an apprentice prior to branching out as an independent guide. Felipe’s unmatched enthusiasm for fishing and skillful maneuvering of the boat, Felipe is a great asset to the Yucatan Peninsula.


Jose has tread the waters of Xcalak for over 15 years and is highly skilled in the acquisition of all species in the bay. If you are looking for a quiet excursion, Jose is an exceptional choice for the day.

Moises (Moi)

Moi is our newest guide on Chetumal Bay with several years of experience. Moi is celebrated for his delicate approach with his clients and poling the boat.


Nato (Nah-Toe)

A seasoned guide of Xcalak, Nato, exhibits his legendary skill for chasing permit to his clients on a daily basis. He has fished the Quintana Roo for more than 25 years. Nato’s enthusiasm is apparent from the moment you step on his boat.

Here is a recent article written about a couple of days fishing with Nato.


Victor has been fishing the waters of Xcalak for over 25 years. He is fluent in English and a great communicator with his clients. Spending a day on the water with Victor is a true pleasure for his skills and customer service are excellent.


One of two of our newest Xcalak guides, Alberto has served as a local saltwater fly-fishing lead guide for the past ten year at various lodges. He has become an asset to our team here at Xflats.

Our Fly Fishing Guides

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