Are Your Ready For Salt Water Fly-Fishing?

Saltwater Fly Fishing Preparation

You might see schools of Permit making their way across “the flats”, you may see multiple big Barracudas closely behind them. You may come across a 6 pound bonefish when you least expect it or run in to a solo tarpon or snook in a back bay! Jacks will pop up at a moments notice and demand a quick cast.

If you want to bring 4 rods fully rigged with you a day (Bone, Permit, Tarpon/Snook, Cuda), bring em! You wanna bring a spinning rod rigged with a Cuda lure for in between Permit sightings, bring it! You want your guide to carry your Permit rod while you wade for Bonefish, of course! Don’t Forget To Bring Your Luck!


You’ve been dreaming of the moment you step up on the deck. You’ve been dreaming of the opportunities swimming your way. You’ve come all this way and you paid your hard earned money to get these moments. Make them count!

Casting Practice

We recommend casting a few times a week a month prior to your Xcalak experience, strip out approximately 40-60 feet of line, tie on a heavy fly (clip off the hook) and practice casting in multiple directions; both alongside and in opposition to the wind. Begin casting with a single haul, then incorporating a double haul for improved enjoyment and success on the flats. A beneficial note when fly-fishing the Quintana Roo, casting in a quick amount of time will assist in the catching of permit. Luck favors the prepared!

Setting The Hook – “The Strip Set”

If you are new to saltwater fishing, we recommend a lesson on strip setting. Working alongside a friend will be beneficial in this lesson; one will hold the rod and strip the line with rod tip down. The other will stand roughly ten feet away and letting the fly slide through their hands. The individual stripping will now close their eyes and wait for the slightest amount of tension (applied by the other.) When this occurs, execute the strip set by pulling straight back on the line with the rod remaining tip down. The rod tip should not move in a upright motion until the strip set has been executed completely.

Set Expectations

It will always be in your benefit to communicate with your guide as well as your fly-fishing companion(s). Your guide will begin each day with one underlying question; “What do you want to fish for today?” Be honest with your guide as well as yourself – if it is your first experience and you are unsure, if it has been a little while since your last saltwater trip or you are unsure of the area, we recommend that you set your day as well as your guides by what you desire to chase. We ask that you take responsibility for the first 10 to 20 feet of your nine to three o’clock – maximize your opportunity by not allowing the permit and secondary fish to swim in to your zone while the guide is scanning out further. We ask that you rig your rods either the night prior or morning of your excursion, however, try to refrain from doing so while on the boat. Be sure to check and adjust your rods for preparation of the day, you never know what will transpire. Be quick, be prepared!

Fly Fishing Preparation
Fly Fishing Preparation
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