COVID-19 Testing at The Xflats for the Spring of 2021

Friends and clients of the Xflats Lodge,

By now we have all seen the new regulations for re entry to the united states put into play by the CDC. We have considered and investigated all options and we have decided this is the best plan of action for our confirmed guests coming to Xcalak to fish this year.

A mobile testing lab from Bacalar manned by a Doctor and a certified healthcare professional assistant will come to the Xflats Lodge every Thursday for private onsite testing. Each test will be ordered in advance to ensure they have enough and will carry a non-refundable fee of $115 USD per guest. Every Friday morning the lab results will be emailed to us to print out here on site at the Xflats. The reason this option better suits us instead of doing many of the free roadside, airport or hotel tests Cancun plans to set up is this:

  • We can guarantee the test will be available for each guest.
  • There will be no lines as the testing site it coming to us.
  • We will not lose anytime on the water or be forced to start the travel day home much earlier to save time for a stop to be tested.
  • In the unlikely chance that there is a positive result we will be able to directly aid our guest in their 10–14-day quarantined vacation as well as care for them throughout that process.

The reason that this positive test is unlikely is we are also now requiring a negative covid test from our guests prior to coming to the lodge. Because of these new regulations the travel to and from the US to Mexico is now safer. So, with safer travel, everyone at the lodge having negative covid tests, and increased protocol on social distancing it becomes highly likely that everyone will have negative test results on Friday prior to their departure to Cancun and beyond.


The gameplan for a positive test is to separate the guest and quarantine in a private room. If there is lodge room available, the guest will be moved there for the duration of their quarantine. However, if there is not a room available in the lodge the guest will be moved to a house in the town of Xcalak we have acquired as a rental for this circumstance. The house has AC, WIFI, TV, and a nice kitchen. The guest will be provided with food and anything else they desire to help make their mandatory vacation more comfortable. We will continue to provide onsite testing for the guest until they can depart.

We understand the inconvenience that now exists with this travel. However, we also feel that Xcalak has always been a place for people that are willing to travel the hard road for the best experience. Given that these new regulations will undoubtedly make traveling safer we remain optimistic and excited to have you all down for an excellent week of fishing this spring!

Thank you all for your support. Please feel free to reach out to me personally to discuss and of the details explained in this letter.

Jesse Colten
Owner / Operator
The Xflats